About Us

Salam and Good Morning,

This page is dedicated to all the DTEs 2010/2011.

The members for this blog are:

Ron Armadi – Design and technology, Latifah – Computer Studies, Ummi Balqis – Computer Studies and Hasimah – Commerce

To contact us:-

Ron Armadi – +6738899526 (M) email: armadi183@hotmail.com
Latifah – +6737149413 (M) email : latifah2001@gmail.com
Balqis – +6738834346 email:
Shimah -+6738754132(M) email: hasimah.samad@rimba.edu.moe.bn
We will at best to serve you~~~

About US!!!!


I have been teaching for 3 years at SM Berakas since October 2007. Levels taught – Year 7 – Form 5.

Currently teaching Design and Technology and i have also taught Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing and Technical Drawing in the past.
I’ve been teaching at Sekolah Menengah Berakas since 2008. I’m teaching Year 7, Year 8 and year 9 (SPN21). I am a HND holder from ITB.

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